Inmunologist, BMRC Consortium researcher and Director for Coronovac Study for Chile, said that the collaboration that has happened within Chilean scientist sector "has been very positive and this is a unprecedented event in the science history".
Dr. Hernán González, BMRC Consortium researcher, indetified a frequent issue among its patients and start to investigate until he created a diagnosis technique with a huge potential in his area. Tha was the easy part. Building a medical technology company, valued at US$35 millions (and growing), it could be a little bit harder.
Alexis Kalergis comissioned 25.000 doses of immunizations against the metapneumovirus to the United Estates.
In Chile, 40% of the adult population has a thyroid nodule, but most cases have no clinical significance.
Human metapneumovirus is one of the most dangerous viruses in acute respiratory infections and currently has no specific treatment or vaccines to combat it.
Report on winners of the Avonni 2019 award.
More and more researchers are dedicated exclusively to applied science whose findings are improving the quality of life of people in Chile and the world.
Interview with Dr. Hernán González, about kit to determine if it is necessary undergo surgery for thyroid cancer.
Interview about drug that seeks to fight obesity.
Director of the Millennium Institute in Immunology and Immunotherapy, IMII, Dr. Alexis Kalergis was nominated to integrate the executive committee of the International Union of Immunological Societies (IUIS), the world's leading body in the area.
The endocrinologist Carlos Fardella works on blocking an enzyme that causes an increase in fat cells.
Report with Dr. Hernán González, about method used to detect thyroid cancer and prevent unnecessary surgerys.
Overweight and obesity, metabolic syndrome, arterial hypertension and type 2 diabetes mellitus lead chronic pathologies non transmissible in the country, according to data delivered by the undersecretary of Public Health, Paula Daza, during a seminar of the Universidad del Desarrollo.
Interview with Dr. Hernán González about thyroid cancer and his Thyrogen project with a distinction towards the Consortium.
The technology integrates the genetic information of the patients thanks to the use of artifiial intelligence tools that allow to create predictive profiles. It was 12 years of hard scientific and clinical studies of researchers at the Molecular Clinical Biomedicine Technologycal Consortium of the Catholic University (BRMC) to create a genetic test call ThyroidPrint, which determines wheter a nodule lodge in the thyroid of a patient is cancerous or not.
The syncytial virus, influenza, parainfluenza, metapneumovirus and adenovirus, are pathogens that can be investigated quickly in nasale secretions.
Lorena González explains how was her process against a nodule in her thyroid and how she was able to access to the less invasive treatment with fuctionals tests according to genetic markers.


Interview with BRMC General Manager about patents.
Interview with Dr. Hernán González, about thyroid test.
Interview with Dr. Fardella and Dr. Baudrand, about hypertension.
Interview with Dr. Susan Bueno, about her respiratory virus test.
Interview with Dr. Hernán González, about thyroid cancer and his Thyrogen project.
Science has its rockstars and they will be on
Gabriel León interviews Dr. Hernán González, to talk about thyroid cancer and how to avoid unnecessary surgeries.